Annual Report Design

Update and create a new, vibrant look for the annual report to tell the JA story in Canada.

CBHF 2015 GALA_306.jpg


To create and elevate all marketing materials related to the event and ensure cohesive branding throughout the venue. All collateral had to clearly profile the event and sponsors and contribute to a positive guest experience. 


Senior business executives.

CBHF 2015 GALA_010-edit.jpg


Each year I updated a new part of the collateral. For the 2015 event, I focused on the signs and PowerPoint templates. I reviewed the complete array of signs we traditionally printed and recommended consolidating and redesigning key pieces to create a better guest experience and a brand presence which better captured the glamour and exclusivity of the event. 


To accomplish this, I first researched alternative materials and hardware for the signs that would be cost-effective and simple to assemble and store. Once I found a viable alternative and had approval, I reviewed the sign designs and made changes based on prior years’ experience including the addition of a multi-panel directional sign and colour coding the VIP reception signs. For the VIP signs, I used the existing gold palette to create a visual link between the VIP signs and invitations to help VIP guests recognize the VIP area. For the PowerPoint decks, I created new templates that aligned with the design of the signs and better profiled the Canadian Business Hall of Fame, its Companions, and its connection to JA Canada (formerly Junior Achievement of Canada). 


The event is a premier, exclusive event but operates on a limited budget. My biggest challenge was to elevate the collateral and guest experience in a cost-conscious manner. 

CBHF 2015 GALA_009-edit.jpg
CBHF 2015 GALA_008.jpg


The results were decreased printing costs and a cohesive, polished presentation of all signs and presentations, print and digital. The event was a great success with almost 1,000 guests. There was very positive feedback from guests and vendors, and the JA Canada Vice President of Integrated Brand Marketing, and the JA Canada president.

Team & Role

Client: Canadian Business Hall of Fame

My Role: Designer

Time: 2015.05

Tools: InDesign. Illustrator. Photoshop.

Other Projects

Book Design: Enabling City Vol.2

UI Design: iPad App