Branding: Rich Analytics

Create a modern, professional logo for business services company.



The aim for the rebrand was to create a more informative, descriptive logo that represents the company’s modern, professional look.


As a company that works with lots of data and with the aim to derive insights for its clients so that they can then make informed business decisions. With that in mind, the idea behind the design is of "Connecting the dots" as Rich Analytics does for its clients.


I talked with the company founders  to understand the company’s mission and values. I conducted additional research to understand the business and the work it does. 


This was a new field for me so it required additional research to make sure I understood what the business did. There was also a specific request the design would transfer clearly to presentations onscreen.


A bright, bold graphic that represents the idea of connecting the dots, or data, to generate actionable insights to move a business forward. The use of different reds and oranges to symbolize the different types of data acquired.

Team & Role

Client: Rich Analytics

My Role: Designer

Time: 2018.03

Tools: Illustrator.

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