Annual Report Design

Update and create a new, vibrant look for the annual report to tell the JA story in Canada.



To create a marketing tool with measurable results and organizational milestones so that stakeholders could review and track the organizations progress. It also needed to better profile student achievements and start aligning with the upcoming new branding from JA Worldwide.


Corporate donors, foundations, executives, internal stakeholders.



I used the upcoming brand renewal as an opportunity to revisit all aspects of the document from flow to colours to copy. I drew on prior feedback and experience, as well as research to inform preliminary concepts. The visuals drew on elements from another internal project which I combined with the updated colour palette and fonts to modernize the report. 


I reviewed other non-profit reports, a best practices guide from the Voluntary Sector Reporting Awards and worked with the internal departments to determine what information should be included and what was available. To showcase measurable data, I highlighted key stats and quotes. I also added student stories from Charter offices across the country and added all national student award winners to profile their accomplishments. 


The primary challenge I faced in creating this piece was obtaining the data that would be relevant to stakeholders and create a report with measurable results. I worked with all teams to obtain as much data as was available. I also setup a framework to track key details for the following year and made note which additional data would be needed. 



The project was very well received by the both the author, her peers, and participants and contributors internationally. The cover graphics were also re-purposed across a variety of additional media (PowerPoint presentations, social media graphics, eNewsletters, etc) to promote the book.

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Team & Role

Client: JA Canada

My Role: Designer

Time: 2015.03

Tools: InDesign. Illustrator. Photoshop.

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