NGO Branding

Create a professional logo for Canadian based NGO, African Leaders of Tomorrow.



Create a logo to embody the mission of Victoria, Canada based non-profit, African Leaders of Tomorrow (ALOFT), which supports African youth in Tanzania. It was needed to convey a sense of legitimacy and credibility to the organization in Canada to support fundraising initiatives, and communicate the organizations mission. 


Canadian donors/funders.



I wanted to depict the focus and beneficiary of the non-profit, and its grassroots, community building nature. The palette was chosen based on the colours in Tanzania’s flag and the blocks are meant to symbolize the building blocks and the educational focus of the organization. They are not square to convey the grassroots nature of the organization and ongoing development and assessment of needs. The varied thickness of the African continent outline is intended to further capture the hands-on philosophy of the organization. 


I talked with the client and company founder extensively to understand the organization’s mission and values and their purpose. This was supplemented with additional research I conducted to understand the landscape and the organization. 


Since the organization was already operational already and had been for some time, the process of creating the logo involved understanding both the founders vision and what the organization was actually doing. 


A simple, scalable graphic which embodies the company mission and purpose through its graphical elements. The client was very happy with the design (and still says so). Four years later, they continue to use this design.

Team & Role

Client: African Leaders of Tomorrow

My Role: Designer

Time: 2012.09

Tools: Illustrator.

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