Author and Founder, Enabling City

Laurissa is a pleasure to work with. She is a gifted designer with a keen eye for usability and a deep commitment to user engagement, and is an invaluable resource to any organization she collaborates with. Laurissa is professional, intuitive, impressively well-organized, and brings a wealth of complementary skills and knowledge to her practice. As a client, you will be impressed by her ability to walk you through any project big or small, to contribute ideas to keep the work flowing, and most importantly, with final outputs that are beautiful, useful, and stand the test of time.


Owner, Avocet Organizational Performance

Laurissa redesigned my website (Avocetchange), she is creative, thoughtful and innovative. Laurissa managed the whole process, on time and on budget, from initial design concept through all the development and feedback iterations. She made the technical aspects easy to understand, kept me informed and seamlessly implemented the redesign. I am looking forward to continuing my work and relationship with Laurissa.


Founder & CEO, Liberty International Investment Management Inc.

I recently asked Laurissa to create a logo for our new company, Liberty International Investment Management. As an investment firm, we needed the logo to encompass global investing that was focused on patient, long-term growth.

The ensuing logo and colour scheme that Laurissa created fulfilled all our thoughts: the sun dial for long-term investing, the italicized “L” for Liberty, the price chart of growing value and the semi-circle to denote the globe. The pacific blue with black lettering and font fit the logo perfectly.

I couldn’t be happier and, based on client reaction, I believe that Laurissa has provided Liberty with a logo that should last the ages.


Executive Director & CEO, Alberta Golf

Alberta Golf had the privilege of working with Laurissa on a special print project to communicate the impact of our programs to our various supporters. Laurissa asked us some very insightful questions early on in the process which allowed our team to think more deeply about the end result. She was also able to get a sense of our brand identity very quickly.

Our correspondence with her through email went back and forth on three drafts before landing on a final version for print. Her confidence, professionalism and leadership from design to implementation helped us to achieve a result we are all very proud of and our support package is now being used as a benchmark for all our brand messaging.


Co-Founder and Software Developer, Semaphore Solutions

Laurissa is a responsive and highly professional big picture thinker. On a recent collaboration, she not only created all of the graphical assets for our project, but also provided valuable feedback on the application’s interaction design and on our client’s branding guidelines. She communicated clearly and effectively with all the stakeholders and had a positive impact on the project’s velocity. I would jump at the chance to create more cool stuff with Laurissa.


Owner, Coastal Martial Arts

Thank you for the new website Laurissa, it looks fantastic! I really appreciated both your patience and boundless enthusiasm as you worked with me step by step through the development of the site. You were able to take my thoughts and ideas and present them in a well organized and professional looking website which has proven to be a real hit. In the end, you not only made the whole process painless but quite fun and very exciting! I would highly recommend you to anyone who is interested in your services!

Laurissa did some pro bono work for my charity this summer and the result was a wonderful new logo. I met with her initially and she asked some very good questions about our organization, getting a feeling for who we were and what we were trying to accomplish. Later, Laurissa’s suggested designs expressed us very well and in an exciting and engaging way. I found Laurissa very easy to communicate with during the selection process (online), striking a nice balance between responding to my observations and queries and offering her own opinion.

In summary, I was very pleased with the whole experience and delighted with the result.