Passionate, innovative, and endlessly curious, I love combining human-centered design and the exploration of emerging tech to build experiences that are useable, inclusive and have a positive impact for the global community. 


Laurissa Barnes-Roberts is a socially-minded experience designer and entrepreneur who collaborates on projects to serve the global community. Laurissa believes designers have the ability and opportunity to reach and create change within a diverse range of communities and therefore have the responsibility to apply their skills and influence to build inclusive solutions for a better world.

Laurissa is a passionate, innovative, and endlessly curious individual. She is a feminist and ally, and combines her love of design and creative thinking to create human experiences that are inclusive and empathetic. Professionally, she has applied this in collaboration with a variety of organizations—social enterprises, non-profits, businesses, both locally and in the United States—and with a variety of stakeholders from CEOs and Founders to in-house design teams.

Laurissa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Pacific & Asian Studies with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Victoria. She also earned a diploma in Graphic Media Design from the Pacific Design Academy and pursued specialized training in User Experience (UX) design through the Akendi and HackerYou.


Laurissa values giving back and gets involved in a variety of roles: as a judge for tournaments and hackathons, instructing drone workshops and simulator piloting, and as a volunteer mentor.

Most recently, Laurissa was elected to the Board of Directors for the Canadian NGO, Mosqoy. She is inspired by the sustainable development work the organization does, working with the Indigenous communities in the Peruvian Andes. She is looking forward to all that she will learn and the ability to apply her skills and experience to help the organization and its staff, volunteers and community members.


Personally, Laurissa is an avid reader, a traveller, explorer, scuba diver, drone pilot, and language lover but her biggest passion outside of design is Taekwon-Do. She is a 3rd Dan black belt and an international Taekwon-Do competitor who represented both Team USA and Team Canada at the 2017 Unified Championships in Argentina. She is currently training with the goal of representing both countries again at the next World Championships in Brazil.

Laurissa Barnes-Roberts  Experience Designer / Entrepreneur

Laurissa Barnes-Roberts
Experience Designer / Entrepreneur